What is Honeyed Acres all about?

Honeyed Acres Farm is a small scale vegetable farm located in Lima, NY. It is the revival of our previous farm, Buzz's Garden, and we are proud to be farming in the Rochester community again!

We grow our vegetables using sustainable and regenerative practices. Our practices include, but are not limited to reduced tillage, cover cropping, enhanced biodiversity, and rejection of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

What are we asking you to invest in?

Honeyed Acres Farm is a small part of the slow food revolution. This movement involves farmers around the world who are pioneering and innovating ways to increase land-use efficiency while preserving the ecologies of their region. We are not trying to feed the world, but we are feeding and building our communities. This is what food sovereignty is about.

Where do we see ourselves in five years?

We have a lot of moonshot ideas, but we'd be happy even if just a couple of them stick. Our core principles are to build community, remain lean and profitable as a business, and decrease our carbon footprint while increasing output. We hope to serve as a model to other aspiring farmers by proving that farming can be a modest livelihood.